Sony XM-N502

Class: A/B; The number of channels: 2; Nom. the capacity of the channel (at 2 Ohms): 85 ;W; Nom. channel power (@4 Ohms): 65 ;W; Bridge connection: 1 x 175 ;W / when 4 Om / ; Adjusting the resistance: +; Maximum power: 350 ;W; Maximum resistance: 4 ;Om; Frequency range: 5 – 50000 ;Hz; The ratio signal/noise: 100 ;dB; Function: Filter low frequencies (LPF) ; Protection: Protection form circuit ; The fuse value: 25 ;A; Dimensions (LxWxH): 321x200x55 ;mm; ...


Table of characteristics

The number of channels2
Nom. the capacity of the channel (at 2 Ohms)85 W
Nom. channel power (@4 Ohms)65 W
Bridge connection1 x 175 W / when 4 Om /
Adjusting the resistance+
Maximum power350 W
Maximum resistance4 Om
Frequency range5 – 50000 Hz
The ratio signal/noise100 dB
FunctionFilter low frequencies (LPF)
ProtectionProtection form circuit
The fuse value25 A
Dimensions (LxWxH)321x200x55 mm